TrickShot is an adrenaline-fueled, multiplayer skate shooter where players execute tricks along with their opponents in various skatepark arenas across the galaxy using Hoverboards or Hoverskates.


A new kind of shooter inspired by the skate mechanics of Tony Hawk Pro Skater & Jet Set Radio while combining the speed & gunplay from arena shooters like Fortnite & Doom. Experience the power behind a true 360 no scope or ollieing over enemies in a sci-fi world filled with ramps, bowls, grindable rails, wall runs, guns, breakable environment objects, and much more!

TrickShot is more player inclusive than other shooters by focusing on High Score and objectives versus Kill Count. Players accumulate points from successful movements in air, ground & grind tricks, parkouring, tackles, and fragging players.

Allowing for a larger range of potential players, playstyles, and winners since we don't have singular metrics like just kill count. Players have multiple ways to earn in-game points, and players with the most points at the end of the match WIN!

Tokyo Game Show "Selected Exhibit" - Sept 2021
BIG Indie Pitch 1st Place Winner - April 2021
PAX Online Indie Showcase - Sept 12-20 2020
Blaze's/ Fiverr Ultimate Game Idea - 1st Place
PAX East 2020 - PAX Rising Indie Selection
DreamHack Dallas 2019 - Best Multiplayer


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